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I am blessed to have been born with this gift, which I use to be of service. I’ve been using it for over 30 years and it is my passion. Clients, both local and international, can either choose to email me questions or can book a live session (the duration is up to the client). During a live session (anything from 15 minutes to 1 hour), I will tune into your energy and you will receive a vision and message, which will be explained to you. Thereafter,  you are free to ask any questions relating to yourself – whether personal or work-related. These can include subjects like relationships, love, work, business issues, people (by name), children and individuals that have passed on.

I record every session and the client is advised to keep listening to it, as often we’re selective in how we hear the information.

In addition,  I offer ongoing support,  assisting clients in working through past difficulties, changing negative beliefs and providing tools to use, in order to create personal transformation and balance between mind, body and soul.

I also run a number of workshops throughout the year. My focus is to empower clients to live life in a new way – one that brings greater fulfilment, joy, balance and inner peace.

I make personalized Meditations for Adults and Children.

Visit forFREE visualised meditations and further details. and follow Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for daily inspiration.

I look forward to meeting you all!

It’s your decision to choose from the information received by me what resonates with you, and how you decide to move forward.
I am NOT responsible for your actions based on information given by me .
None of the information shared may be used against me or any other individual.