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My Poetry


As the pain begins to lessen, so it is that my heart feels the rhythm of life once more
And so it was, that I obsessed over a situation that allowed me to regress
So far back that my immediate thought was one of fleeing, fleeing to a place
Of my inner sanctuary where I connect once more to God.

So lost I was in this space of fantasy, forgetting who it is I am, what it is I should be doing, that brings inner peace and tenderness to my soul.

To others who cross my path, from the mailman ,gardener ,nurse and cashier,
each having a face, meaningless before, but now that I’ve awoken, each connected to me in a miraculous way.
So, finding my own centre once more, I feel such gratitude and love to God
That I am lost no more, but have a purpose to bring to others the light and love
That is already within each other, only needing a gentle word, a smile, a hug.

A change of thought that allows us all to feel the Miracle of our connectedness
Which sadly has been shattered by wars, rage, jealousy, envy and persecution
And who do we blame, never ourselves, but the other, another, and yet we are
All one, striving to achieve love, inner peace, that lighten our world and create
A new balance that aligns us with our Creator, to live our lives in harmony
Experiencing the beauty, and wondrous potential that is within our reach.
And so it is, heavens blessing await each and everyone, as the sun rises
On a new day, so the light of every soul is blessed with this internal flame
So please, to Us The World, let’s choose a path that brings new light to heal
The pain that is internal and external.
Gratitude fills my being that I have awoken from my slumber.



The shores yonder, so sweet, inviting, for now the time has come

To step ashore and let the flow push and guide me in its hold,

Gently moving to this new unknown, unexplored territory.

As I sit alone, angry, feeling despondent, and sad,

This angel, sent in this way, unprepared, yet knowing,

Wrenching my heart and gently, so softly, soothing, and exploring me,

The unknown, for even to myself the experience anew, afresh, a wonder,

It’s as though the stars from heaven allowed to be a light, shining from above,

Sending signals of confirmation, of this destiny that came unexpectedly,

Hitting me as though my breathe was sucked out and a new life explored

The joy, the excitement, I feel the fountain of youth once more,

Never before this heat, this beating heart, that felt the depth of understanding,

and exploration, serenity, peace as yet unknown, but now arrived,

So grateful I am for this that came through the door of Destiny,

Sleep no more, I have awoken, to life, to living, exploring and being,

Gifts so many from heaven this angel sent, deep compassion, sensitive

By nature and with it the connection, locked forever, rekindled, known

Through time and ages past, to the present and beyond.

With gratitude for this that woke me from my slumber,

I sleep no more, but travel to this destiny with lightness of foot and surety

A strength that surpassed the fear of confronting the past, releasing,

Letting go finally, hanging on no more, for too long time wasted,

Waiting for what, who, and why,

And now my wings are fixed securely, and with this new confidence,

I am ready to love with a passion and depth that is nectar to my soul.

Doubts there were many, but they are now left behind, to stew in the past,

Releasing, letting go as I travel this new path of destiny.

My soul burns bright for I’ve finally found that, that ignites and

Brings the beat and rhythm of music to my ears.

Empty no more, sad, alone, a thing of the past, for Destiny has intervened and spoken.

I now walk tall, ready to take on this that has found its way,

To gently open my heart in a way that speaks volumes of sound, light,

And sensations, bedazzling, and exploring this greatness, that keeps me from

Sinking into the abyss of darkness so nearly caught and never returned.

But stop, wait, the past a distant memory that changes my Destiny to

Freedom, to be who I am, an invited guest on this journey.

With gratitude and greatness my heart overflows with thanks, and suddenly

I float and find myself in this contained channel of warmth and security

That gives me joy, laughter and abundance to be free to love and seek

This that has eluded me for so long, now within reach, grasping and

Holding by my fingertips I hold tightly, never letting go, for I’ve

Found heaven in its greatest glory.



To the four corners of the earth, we as humans have spread,

Why the hatred division, and wars,

Does humanity no longer value life?

For peace being the alternative to war,

Disasters so many, not man made, but natural catastrophes

Yet we choose, war, bloodshed, division

I pray for the healing and peace of the world

The lives of so many, taken without thought,

For this hatred has spread around the world, like a cancer,

Forgotten in its struggle to feed endlessly, and yet the

Disaster always in its presence

So, for now to let go, be free of this cancer that feeds endlessly

Stop right now, let go and breathe, new life, new meaning

Into life and living, freeing this strangulation that takes hold

Where peace once was, for now hope for freedom for all,

No longer pain and suffering, but a new reality,

To cleanse the earth of this poison that infiltrates

Silently, stealthily, unseen, unheard, taking over,

But now a need and desire to create a new world,

Boldly, freely, peacefully interacting with honesty and hope

Freedom to live in peace and harmony once more.



As I begin to move inwards the passages are broad and light,

With time going backwards they begin to reduce in size, narrowing,

Becoming smaller and smaller until there before me I see little me,

so small I can barely see her” Me” who I have forgotten,

It’s been so long now, shades and darkness overcome

The time, emotions and belief that have closed the doors

Not allowing me to enter yet now at this present moment

In time the door stands ajar, frozen in time

The winds forgotten, quietness reigns and here and now the evidence reveals

A soul shining bright, but forgotten sleeping beneath the shadows tall

What joy it is to find me at last the beauty, sensitivity, alertness, awareness

For here it is I connect with this soul so bright and with immunity she beckons

Almost drawing me to feel and spend this time with her, alone,

selfishly I embark on this journey of discovery, feeling like here it is,

the world stops and allows me this rare opportunity to feel light and free

reducing all that has been to now, thoughts, feelings

Time and space have no meaning as I connect with the Source

of whom it is I am,

The feeling of peace, serenity, the confusion, questioning and fear ,

dissipate as I sense and feel this oneness of me that begins to unfold

with an unbelievable swiftness, agility, that explodes in colours of purple,

blue and turquoise, splashes of hues painted, to envelope the path that

exists before me, as I step into me

So at home I feel, the serenity, beauty and at oneness unchanged since

The beginning of time

Colour, music, gurgling water and peace painted before me,

amongst the brightest of light bathing, blessing the light,

interacting as no other for touched by the essence of breath and life,

regularly beating the rhythm that unfolds to meet me on this journey

Never forgotten but supported throughout, knowing and understanding

Accepting me to be as now and always a product of life,

breathed and held, supported throughout, on this wave of inevitable beauty,

up and down, in and out, always shifting and moving,

to meet my destiny, unfolding in an array

Of beauty and colour, movement and music, song and dance,

the light, filtering no more but spreading to the four corners of the earth,

held in the symphony of music and energy to never be forgotten,

but upheld in glory, unmasked, felt and supported, alone,

and on hand, me forever more.



I hear the music, playing and the beat constant, comforting,

As I walk this path filled with light, color and music, my heart begins to sing

For around the corner, it seems the changes begin to happen,

Flowing in movement and color, sound and light, and yet the symphony has

Only just begun, as the energy begins to flow and move in a direction out of

My control, spinning, leaping, flying and diving, it seems to be moving

Me in a current filled with song and dance, laughter and happiness, for

The music to my ears is not foreign, but so in tune with me, speaking a language

I understand, comforting, gently I lie and sleep feeling the music running through my veins, softly, gently, caressing me, allowing the pain and emptiness to be filled once more

As the crescendo of light and beauty fill my being, music to my ears, yes love

And joy, in abundance, flow to the corners of the earth, painting colours of

Light, and shades unspoken, as I am held in this cradle of intensity unbroken,

Moving and carried beyond the sound filled with swaths of touching gentleness

Sounds and airs that seem to come at me from nowhere, but here it is I

Soar and dive filled with light, movement and song, the joy of feeling the

Expectancy of love, music and dance for my soul feels this profoundly,

Knowing and understanding the depth of it all, at one, and at peace, for I have found all that is, in the bosom of the Universe, the gentleness, plays peacefully, lulling me to sleep

This place I know and am at one with, peace and serenity at last, I breathe easily

Once more, with gratitude and love the happiness and love no know bounds.



As I stand, alone, isolated and wandering, where to from here,

The vision so suddenly begins being painted, bright colors,

Extraordinary light, movement, spinning, forward and back

And now I find myself drawn to this energy of brightly colored light

But still no answer and I wait, waiting impatiently, wondering

Once more, if I could have, should have, driving myself crazy, oh to

Be still, quite and rest, not allowing this distraction to take hold

Of me, as I spin out of control.

The peace of letting go, for now, breathing quietly, easily,

letting go, surrendering, to what, to whom, I guess to me,

for as I let go I feel the tide begin to change

And from the depth of my soul I hear a bird calling, singing, voices,

Crying, it’s me, begging and pleading again for this change to happen,

To let me begin my journey once more, as I hate being in this place

That stops me from being, withheld, beleaguered, agitated again, stubborn and restless

How I wish I could move this mountain standing before me, yet again I

Breathe and patience once more, resigned to this waiting game, knowing

Yet not, as I breathe a sigh of relief, as the energy begins to calm and in so

Doing I know that this time is given to allow me to surrender to the unknown,

Peacefully accepting this journey filled with light and sound, often music

To my ears and yet at other times, grating on my ears, so alas, it’s me

The problem being one of acceptance for the gift of life, so precious, special and

Filled with hope and opportunity, as yet unexplored, so here it is

I wait and ponder, the silence, for unless I give in to this restlessness,

The resentment and anger fill my being, thrashing and fighting with me,

So for now I let go, not understanding the time and depth of reasoning that

Is needed to allow this period to be explored, nevertheless it is for now

Just what it ought to be a time of waiting, stillness and peace.



Where to, as I look at me, this face in the water

Do I actually know who I am?

So often I think not, yet then again I believe in the power of choice

For from my being I am the driver, the mover and shaker

The one that either puts the brakes on, or free falls and somersaults

Ready once again to start afresh, at the beginning

I wonder how many times it is that I begin again, for I’ve lost count

It seems over and over again, I am pushed back to the starting point

For the question I keep asking myself, is “Have I failed”

Not at all, only begun again, with more wisdom and knowledge

To take this new journey, knowing and understanding that here

Lay the incredible gifts of love, blessings and opportunity

Holding onto the past just weighs me down,

So now I am flying, free as a bird, into the unknown, yet knowing

That whatever path I now choose, I have an appetite filled with

Anticipation, excitement and growth

How often I’ve knocked my head wondering if I will ever see in the dark

As curtains of darkness have created obstacles in my way

Me, and only me has been responsible for not hearing, seeing and listening

To my soul that speaks from a deep, deep place of wisdom and eternity

Such excitement now, understanding and knowing that my life is filled

With new opportunity and here I stand on the threshold of a new dawn

Ready to take this new path, knowing that the world is filled with

Peace, blessings and love, for all to receive and hold with two hands,

Gathering in the essence of the Universe as a whole, blessed to Eternity.



Oh, it’s never a day goes by that I not feel gratitude,

For the life that is so precious, taken for granted, never,

As each day brings forth a new dawn, a new awakening

Of the value of life itself, in all its glory, profound, sweet, exciting

Stimulating to say the least, when oh when do I take this precious life

In my hands and use it in a way that feeds not only me, but others

As forsaken as the drought filled land it would seem that envy, and

greed destroy and blight the very earth, its people and planet,

but how, and why, do we as a nation forget, so easily this side,

that leaves an indelible mark, forsaken to life to living it seems?

For the day has come that awakens the spirit to soar and fly to freedom, to

turn and exchange the energies of life itself into this that

Exudes the proximity of time and space into glory, to live not die

But use the consequences of life experiences to our advantage, treasures

So many, glory to the One, the maker and healer of life itself, so often

Forgotten left, unattended but asked and begged

to be the miracle and healer of all.

Why, oh why, the feelings of bereft, and pain, the need to exploit and turn

In the direction that gives and creates challenges anew, deliberate,

Divine intervention, for the choices often made without thought or feeling

But now the time has come to flow in the direction that unfolds to

Create and be a butterfly able to unfold the direct links and connections

That allows this magnificent gift of life to be felt so deeply,

Oh yes, sweet music to my ears, the loneliness, struggle and sadness tossed

Into the ocean on a wave that sweeps in new divine energy

Basking in this glory I give thanks with deep gratitude for

This experience that brings the energies of life itself to unfold

And beat to the rhythm of ecstasy, for stopping and waiting is

But a delay to absorb the consequences and exist once more

To be free to love and laugh, to sing and dance for I have found

Once more the gift of life which lay sleeping like a newborn

Babe, fresh from the mother’s womb, innocent, expectant and oh

So new, virginal, and safe in the hands of the Divine, here to be

A creator of the life that we so often take for granted, forgetting the complexities

Of all that has gone before, once more the new, exulting allowing

This life, so precious to be the wheels that flow and move and drive

Me to be who I am, wafting through life, lifting and moving to this

Place, unknown, freedom to be and allow this precious moment,

Moments in time to live on forever, with gratitude to be given

Life to be a constant reminder to this the One and only, heavenly might.



As I walk this path which seems to be arduous at times, even labored

I begin to understand the reasons for each step that I make

I wish so often to be given the opportunity to back track, reverse, and rewind,

This life that I have messed up, but no it’s the choices I’ve made that give to me

A better understanding of who it is I am, and wish to be just that, me, no other

For life is beautiful, every sunset, sunrise, rainstorm, a gift of living and for that

I am so grateful, as my pulse beats to the rhythm of life, the excitement mounts,

Knowing that I am blessed with a new day, each bringing me an opportunity to try

Again, for it is me, an individual blessed and prepared to begin again,

Understanding the facets of who it is I am,

Likes and dislikes, accepting and rejecting,

Oh the caring, giving, and believing that with every interaction

The impact details the uniqueness and oneness of us all,

Yet the same, and beautiful, as we hold within, this light that never dies,

But in fact magnifies, and gives to each other, hope and love,

Understanding forgiveness, and a maturity that is achieved with each passing day.

So, this our destiny strengthens this knowing and light

That guides our decisions, allowing us to manipulate, change,

And discover the Source of where it is we emerge

Oh, to touch, feel and be directed to this, our very being

Is lighted and moved at an enormous speed to our final destination.



Travesty,Honesty,and the will to see,
What is it that hides in the darkness?
Something that should be revealed,but when?Time will allow this miracle to unfold
For it’s from the heart that truth,energy and light flow.
Releasing doubt,the seeds of the unknown, that fight to destroy and stop the flow
The movement which is growing and surrendering to the final curtain,of the mystery
Which in truth reveals once more the Source,Freedom to be who it is I am,
Acceptance,Loving,Sensitive and kind,these are but a few simple words that need to be understood
For as I stand on the threshold of this that is awaiting me,
The uncertainty,doubt and inability to see who I really am
Stop me from acknowledging my true worth and self,contained in an avalanche of mystery.
So now is the time to have faith,be strong and use my inner power to bring forth what drives me to the truth of who I am
Allowing me to be filled with intense beauty,calmness and peace,knowing and understanding
That I am accepted and loved in totality.
It’s with this realization that I step out onto the threshold of a new dawn
And go forward in strength,understanding,passion,truth and light
Never,never doubting that this the unknown is revealing for me the greatest gift of all.



Oh,to the Divine,
Maker of all things
Gratitude fills my heart
Overflowing with abundance
Never losing faith
I stand before Thee
Filled with buckets of love
Endless,overflowing to eternity
Wishes played out,dreams met
Never,but never felt let down
No,just all it has been is blessing after blessing
Received with gratitude,love and awe
Daily I’m reminded of The Greatness
Thy compassion and never ending support
I give gratitude for all that is
The tides have changed,I float and glide and move between space
Experiencing love and joy that burst forth
As the spring flower opens to the light of a new dawn
So it is I’m on my way to a new dawn,a new beginning
With gratitude in my heart the emptiness and sadness no more
For heaven sent a man with the love as big as the ocean,moving me to experience
a love and beauty as yet unfulfilled,
but each day moving closer and closer to its destination
And so it is with gratitude and love I say
Glory be to the Highest Being,who gives with love never ending.



Is the landscape colorful or dull
Lifeless or full of life
Is it enforced or free
Yes,it is free,freedom and joy,and guess its riveting in its emptiness
Falling by the wayside,regrets,wants,dont’s,and have’s
All moving to the destination where, how and why,the decisions are made.
Shocking,unavoidable,regrettable,but it is just living
The mistakes so many,the hands of the clock wound and re-wound,over and over
Time,if only could stand still
Never,constantly moving second by second
Should I shouldn’t I,what if?if only,how and why?
Stop,forget….live now,not if,why,could or should,for tomorrow might never come
Invincible,if only,health if only,wanting constantly driving me crazy
Back track for now…..reset the clock……begin again
Starting over,fresh,new,a brave beginning
Stop no more….if only..wanting…changing
Allow,move,be and do
Spring comes once more for time stands still for no one
The seasons remind of the constant change,inevitable
Uplifting,moving,carrying you forward to the end..ones destiny
Ready to start and repeat again
Life constantly moving full and empty
Fulfilling and bright,hope and joy
Moving to the rhythm of the Universe
For I’m just a speck of dust obliterated by the force that stops me from being alive,joyous,fulfilled and living
For time stops for no one,constantly shifting like the sands of the dunes
The landscape forever changing,morphing into what is my life,brush in hand
I continue rubbing,moving,creating a new landscape filled with colour,joy and hope.
Blessings,many so many I forget to count
Gratitude,is filling my being for yes,I have found the meaning of Life
No longer wishing,praying,hoping but living,creating and being
Doing what is for my soul Life,living the life for me
The buzzing,somersaulting ecstatic energy that constantly breaks the monotonous journey of being.
And so I walk head held high,high on life,living ecstatically confidently knowing that I am me,and just perfect.



So often I lie alone in the dark
Waiting, for what, I wonder
Undecided, scared, groping in the dark
Waiting, listening, hearing the beat,
Constant, reflecting, it seems on the beat, never ending,
Change, no, too frightening and then, the wall,
Overwhelming, overpowering, blocked and defeated,
Wishing, waiting, resigned, but slowly feeling,
Angry, hurt, resentful, guidance, if only, when
Waiting once more, wishing, hoping and praying
Help, please help, breathless, exhausted, fighting
Like a bird in the wind lifted and carried
If only life were so easy, but the ride
So often difficult, breathtaking, up and down
And now I feel beginning slowly,
The need to change, building the courage to free me
Of the events that cling to my soul like sticky tar
If only I could release myself and be free.



When does one ask about life, for life in all its beauty, so often sacred, yet unlived, feared
for the questions, decisions, constantly taking me away,
away from the truth and light of the doorway to my soul,
Letting go, moving, releasing the barriers that feel like suffocating my very being
Tightening the grip of my reality, swaying, stopping and gasping for air,
Yet its so simple, to give up the struggle.
Listen intently on how it is I feel and follow the direction of the path that unfolds
Knowingly making the choices, releasing, letting go of the fear, undoing the blockages
and yes, I can breathe again, easily and freely as I twist and turn, spin and fly,
The freedom releasing, allowing me to connect once more to who it is I really am.
I am Me, perfect and accepting in recognizing my flaws,

without justifying the how’s and why’s,
but knowing that in the comfort of this feeling I am held in this perfect space, open and light
Swaying, rocked, allowing, doing, questioning, begging and pleading no more
For now I see, acknowledge, and recognize the power and beauty, held in perfect harmony
Sighing I sleep, resting, worrying no more, allowing my soul to flit and free me of all obligation
Moving through the terrain, so wide, lacking no more ,receiving abundantly
and more importantly trusting myself to have it all,
for I’ve found who I am and to me, the mirror of my soul,
I am eternally in awe, grateful, subservient as I walk now,
Powerful and free, ready with eagerness to move along my path
Understanding and knowing the truth of it all
Never fearing death, as life moves me in this direction,
filled with layers of blessed light, reflections of colour, inspiring, creating and surpassing
the ultimate depth of the ocean wide, moving, never betraying, but giving
to me the wisdom and challenges that await me.