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Workshops/Seminars and Counseling

I give workshops to groups, and individuals, both locally and internationally.


This is extremely powerful and uses clay as a medium to bring to the surface what is in the unconscious mind.


This uses the connection between the physical and emotional to expose what is normally unconscious, and teaches the individual to read the signs and the history.


For these individual sessions I use different modalities to create a safe space for the individual to release, and develop into his/her full potential. The history of each client will be the deciding factor of my choice of either meditation, clay therapy, breathe work and journaling.

I give counseling sessions online using  skype,zoom, phone and one on one.


Here I utilize all the different modalities depending on the needs of the group. Team building, cohesive integration in conflictual environments and individual needs are all considered.

I use clay, meditation, breath work and journaling to explore what is hidden within

If you are interested please contact me via skype,zoom, phone, or e mail