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  1. I have been consulting with Norma for a year now. Every vision that comes to her is profound and resonates with me on every level. Her readings are always so accurate and the wisdom that comes through is incredible. I have never before liked consulting with Psychics as i have felt their readings to be inaccurate. What i love about Norma is that she reads the energy for ‘right now’ and also gives you the lessons involvedspecific to your life and journey, which is extremely valuable. She has helped me navigate my path with love and compassion. An extremely gifted intuitive with amazing channeling and spiritual abilities. I have given so many of my friends her number and would recommend her to anyone.

  2. I have been consulting with Norma via the phone for four years now and today was the first time we met. I have never experienced such a gift right in front of my eyes. She literally read me like a book with such compassion and put me at ease. I saw an angel in front of my eyes and I left feeling like a new man. Blessed be.

  3. In a moment of absolute confusion Norma was able to unfold everything that was concerning to me and put it into real perspective. In fact it was exactly what my gut was telling me but she just confirmed that all my feelings and thoughts was well-founded. Thank you once again for your most insightful guidance. As always you are able to tell me exactly how it is. So very spot on indeed!

    Stay blessed Norma!

  4. Dear Norma, There aren’t enough words to express my thanks to you for your spiritual guidance and advice the other day. You were so accurate in your reading and so kind and gentle along with it and I can’t begin to tell you how much hope and courage you have given me. It feels as if I have finally let out my breath. You have given me some wonderful tools to work with and together with commitment and an open heart, finally, I believe I can start to heal and to learn to love myself again. THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a huge beacon of light when I needed it most.

    With love and light, Doreen

  5. Norma, words cannot express, words are not enough. Today was one of the best days of my life. This day is embedded in my heart, it is life changing. The accuracy in my reading today confirmed so much to me, uncertainties, doubts, hidden truths. You helped me gain perspective and to redirect my life more especially my thoughts. Thank you for reminding me to love myself.

    Thank you so much. 🙏🏽

  6. There are spiritual guides and carriers of light who help those who cannot find their way in the dark. They chose to come into this life in human form and their sacred purpose and life’s work is to guide lost souls back to the Divine. I am of the belief that Norma Simon is one of them.

  7. Thanks so much for all your guidance, I am so grateful for all the learning and how you have assisted me on my path. I plan on making more appointments with you as I have much more to gain from seeing you. Thanks again.

  8. I am amazed with the gift God has blessed Norma with, she was spot on with absolutely everything… WOW she comes highly recommend!! Thank you Norma I needed the clarity, now I can move forward in a positive light and fulfill my life’s purpose!!! ❤🙌🙏

  9. I have never experienced where someone could tell another person’s thoughts and feelings, especially if they have never met. “Psychic” and “Fortune Teller” are words just thrown around daily. I had a telephonic reading with Norma and my most intimate thoughts she revealed she just started discussing it with me; she was in my head and “walking” through my thoughts, questions and feelings with me. This was mind-blowing! . Thank you Norma for the clarity, advice and positive talk, you are blessed with a gift to guide others; everything about you is calm, serene and pure. Where Norma is concerned “Psychic” is a word and person I respect.

    WIth love and appreciation,

  10. It’s amazing how much clarity Norma can bring to a 15 minute telephone session!
    The way Norma articulates her words and the metaphors she uses is mind blowing.
    My next appointment will be a full reading session in person. 🙂

  11. For my birthday last week I was gifted by a friend to go see Norma. It’s not something I would normally do but I thought it could be fun… Turns out it was incredible.

    Norma not only are you one of the kindest people I’ve met but the emotional rollar coaster u showed me was absolutely mind blowing.

    Thank you for showing me the potential I have and recommending medetaion techniques to help this crazy mind of mine

    Thank you….

  12. Dear Norma

    In a very dark moment in my journey, you provided me with beautiful clarity, hope and a clear vision. You are a blessing. I will return many times for your guidance.
    Much love and appreciation.

  13. Thank you Norma for the reading and the insight.
    Your vision was eye-opening and helped me look at my life in a different way. The meditations are much appreciated and will help me on my journey.

  14. Thank you Norma for my amazing reading.
    It will change my future going forward for the better.
    New Chapter and journey.
    Beyond blessed.

  15. Thank you so much Norma for the reading and the meditations very insightful and help with clarity in our movement forward.

  16. I had two sessions with Norma and her visions were spot on. The answers received were exactly what I needed to unlock the areas of my life that were stuck.
    Norma you are amazingly gifted and I am blessed to have you on my journey. Wishing you greatness and blessings in your life.
    Love and Light

  17. It is not impossible that Norma saved the life of at least one person in my family. As well as the family itself. My suggestion to anyone entertaining this process is to ask the questions that scare you. Your healing will be equivalent you how prepared you are to ask. What she has done transcends the ability of a thank you or of a comment here.

  18. My session with Norma was incredible! I was overwhelmed in the best way possible by how spot on her vision for me was. I found the session to be very empowering, affirming and grounding for me. I also got so much clarity on issues I had been grappling with for months. Thank you for the wonderful reading Norma!

  19. What an incredible reading I had … Norma’s visualization was spot on as to what is happening in my life and how I am feeling about it at this time … I was gobsmacked. Her advice was practical, feasible and reasonable … I am so excited about the outcomes ahead now that Norma’s advice is being actioned. A thousand thank you’s …

  20. Norma Simon’s demeanor & presentation method of her psychic guidance is the equivalent of an unexpected oasis in a barren desert. Refreshing,vital and enlightening, just what every entrepreneur or individual needs amidst the madness of modern day life. I appreciate the authentic nature of Norma’s gift which she shares with us. Her messages are relayed in eloquent, intelligent fashion. No confusion. She gets to the point without beating about the bush. Even more importantly, however, is her innate sense of kindness which underlies each presentation. We are all delicate souls, despite our strong facades & she respects this aspect of being human tremendously. Norma has become an important mentor in both my business and my private life & I regard it as a privilege to be in her stable. I am grateful to the friend that referred me & shall be passing on the magic to others who can benefit from her guidance.

  21. Norma’s sound & practical advice is exactly what I feel is necessary in most people’s lives. She comes across as warm and kind and someone I would definitely turn to again and again.

    Love and Light

  22. Norma’s reading was accurate and gave me peace of mind. It was truly amazing how she picked up exactly where I was in my life, what my concerns were and what I need to do moving forward.

  23. 22 February 2019
    Norma is truly gifted and my experience with her was life altering and a blessing. I left feeling validated, confident, excited and with a sense of purpose I have not felt for a very long time.
    It felt as if Norma had known me intimately for a very long time. Her visions and messages were so spot on, unbelievably so and she delivered them with ease and gentleness but at the same time with certainty-a knowing.
    Norma encapsulated exactly how I was feeling and the circumstances I was in and gave me invaluable advice, guidance and the tools to deal with it and move forward based on her insights of me.
    An immeasurable experience which I am so grateful for.

  24. Norma’s comforting and gentle energy made me feel so at ease. Her gift is awe-inspiring and our session blew my mind. I am so grateful to her for sharing her gift with me and giving me such invaluable guidance in such a compassionate way.

  25. Truly one of the most eye opening experiences I have ever had. To say I’m gobsmacking at the accuracy and insight that Norma has would be a gross understatement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  26. Norma is just incredibly talented to offer guidance or quick direction on any matters of your life! Just amazing !! Had some business and personal stuff that I couldn’t lock down and BOOM !!!

  27. Norma is absolutely amazing. Her wisdom and insight is remarkable and the advise and guidance she gives is enlightening. I am truly grateful for knowing such a wonderful person.

  28. If ever you feel stuck and you can’t overcome something, Norma is definitely the person to go to. She will create possibilities and opportunities for you, and leave you feeling uplifted and grateful. She is extremely insightful and non- judgemental and because of her heightened intuition and psychic gift, she seems to know a potential in you that you didn’t know existed but recognize once she expresses it to you. I highly recommend this kind, nurturing and knowledgable soul to anyone seeking to improve any area of their lives for the better.

  29. Norma has been an absolute gift, blessing and god send. She has a beautiful and comforting energy and I felt completely safe and supported in our sessions. She was able to give me practical advise which sometimes is lacking in readings. My life has literally taken a turn for the better in a matter of 24 hours after seeing her. A divine unfolding of blessings have unfolded since we met. Thank you Norma x

  30. Norma has been a light in my journey since the first call we had. I felt like a dog chasing my own tail and Norma really showed me what I had not been seeing all my life. The abundant blessings that the Universe has blessed me with. Keep up the amazing work Norma. May your spirit continue to be blessed.

  31. A very meaningful hour packed full with tips, guidelines and spiritual clarity. So wonderful to be able to listen to our conversation again after. Highly recommended and so very accurate and thought provoking.

  32. This is the 1st time in 34 years that I went for a reading because I was a bit of a sceptic, but my same friend from Mexico insisted we must book and see Norma, after a other friend told me about her. Well – I experienced Norma’s gift as extraudinary – its like seeing a psyciatrist that have the knowlegde and insight of the deeper issues that the normal eye cannot see. She warned me about something that no-one know about that are currrently happening at work and really scare me and on top of it gave me advice how to handle it and clear my name when the time comes. She guided me in a way that I will always be greatful to and gave me confidence to step up and grab life by both ears and make it mine. Thanks Norma for let me see myself and thoae around me in a clearer light. I will defnitely come again as I see your Gift a Gift from God to guide, assist and bring forth light and healing into people’s lives. It is good. Xx Take care of yourself and never forget to put yourself first as well.

  33. Norma is an absolute gem! I feel so blessed and grateful every time I see her. She is authentic and so insightful. Connecting with her is a gift. I would recommend her to anyone!

  34. I am so grateful for a person like Norma that has been given a gift to help mankind. Besides her own heartache and pain on her journey, she is committed to help others on their journey. She connects on the purest and highest level and gives you guidance that will be a light on the footpath to follow.
    Thank you Norma, I wish you an abundance of BLESSINGS! You are appreciated.
    Love Tersia

  35. Norma is amazing, accurate, and honest, such a great experience to connect with her this morning. She gave me a sense of comfort and positivity which had exist minutes before and opened my eyes in such a brief moment to see my self-worth and feel hopeful of life again. Will definitely connect soon.
    Thank you Norma!
    Keep on doing what you do, stay blessed….love Chanel

    • Norma holds a beautifully calm and deeply knowledgable space that makes is easy to connect with yourself and the messages that you need to receive.
      Thank you, Norma, for being so generous with you experiences.

  36. Norma gave a wonderful, insightful, and eye-opening reading. It was incredibly accurate and she gave me practical advice as well. I highly recommend her as she gives a very sincere reading and a truly great experience. Thank you Norma!


  37. Norma’s gift is truly amazing. She gave such an accurate, insightful and sincere reading. I am truly grateful for her reading and for the value that it has added to my journey in life.

  38. My readings with Norma has been nothing but accurate thus far. That is why I keep going back for more. One thing that I most admire about her is her honesty. Norma you are truly gifted and have helped me to look outside the box and sending a recording of the reading is an extra bonus. Well worth it.

  39. Norma is incredibly insightful, honest, intuitive and compassionate. My husband and I have numerous readings (face to face and via the phone) with Norma since 2013 to help us both with our careers, personal set backs, family loss, connecting with our pets even as far as moving to a new city and country. We honestly don’t know where we would of turned had we not met Norma. We trust Norma explicitly and have no doubt that we will continue our readings for years to come. Thank you Norma for everything!

  40. Norma’s insight and ability to pick up on energies of those both in the physical world as well in the spiritual realm is incredible. Her accuracy is spot on and the comfort in which I have drawn from her readings has really helped me make sense of the choas I am going though at a very challenging time in my life. She has also sent me incredible meditations which have greatly helped me to keep focus and keep my spiritual journey of great importance. It has guided me when I needed it most. Thank you Norma you are blessed and I appreciate you sharing these blessing with others and myself.

  41. Hi, my session with you Norma was so insightful and it really touched my heart as you spot on with everything currently happening in my life, Thank you so much you’ve been an absolute angel, and a great help. Love Angelo.

  42. Thank you Norma for the most amazing and accurate insight. It’s almost as if you knew the individual personally the way you connected with their energy and gave me insight. When one gets a reading they are always hoping for the “happy ending” but it’s not always the case – so furthermore I’d like to thank you for the tools you have sent me in order to persue the “path” to better things.
    Blessings to you always and thank you for sharing you amazing gift 🌸

  43. Hi Norma

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with me this morning. You have given me much to ponder and integrate in a very powerful and positive way.

    You have given me the gift of a deeply spiritual experience coupled with wonderful pragmatism!

    Much love,

  44. What a gentle soul you are, Norma. It was my great privilege to have had a session with you, your vision of my life were profoundly beautiful and it resonated deeply within me.
    We are where we should be, we are who we are until we are not..and having a word of wisdom and comfort along the way, with Norma, makes the journey so much more meaningful! Thank you Norma…

  45. My session with Norma has given me a new zest for life. Her reading has created a sense of calmness within as well as positivity with the tools she gives you to work through and the fact that you know that you are about to become a better version of yourself!

  46. Norma has a very special gift. Not only is she a “beautiful soul”, but she has a very calming and peaceful manner about her. I was in awe of the things she spoke about pertaining to my life at this moment. Thank you Norma for your guidance.

  47. Norma always leaves me feeling relieved and positive. I have had a few readings with Norma and I have had many WOW moments. I don’t think I would have overcome certain situations if it weren’t for Normas Insight . I’m so greatful

  48. I was so happy with my experience with Norma. She is amazing my reading was amazing and so true. I can’t wait to have the chance to go back.

  49. Absolutely amazing experience I received from Norma everything she brought forth made sense and was dead on to the situation I am going through in my Life right now

  50. Norma was spot on and able to give me good insight into where I was stuck. She gave me very practical advice and inspiration to help me change my situation. Thank you so much for your wisdom and open hearted ness Norma!

  51. Norma, thank you so much – I left you feeling so calm and at peace after arriving such a mess. you have given me so much hope and I appreciate the tools you have provided me with to improve on myself and recognize my worth… thank you – I look forward to another visit. you are my therapy x

  52. A heart-felt thank you Norma, as I am filled with abundance and joy knowing that we have crossed paths. I thank you for your beautiful heart and soul on guiding me along this path with your incredible gift, on this beautiful journey. I’m looking forward to my ongoing journey in spiritual growth and development, along with Norma’s guidance.


  53. In speaking with Norma, I felt she had the most lovely energy and her main aim was to nurture my spirit and in every way point me in a higher direction. Everything she said was insightful and helpful, but the spirit in which she gave it was so kind. Thank you Norma.

  54. Once again just a word of heartfelt thankfulness for my reading and also my friends reading whom i directed your way. Words cannot describe how your reading gave hope, comfort and new insight to things that looked so pointless. Your reading based on NO information from me or my friend, (Questions sent via e mail) was chillingly accurate!
    I cannot thank you enough

  55. I had a telephone reading with Norma a week ago and she was spot on. She also gave me some advice regarding my health which was super accurate and has resulting in me being more aware of my health. Thank you Norma. I will be back.

  56. A friend recommended Norma to me and I saw her for the first time a few weeks ago. I was a bit skeptical and nervous at first but soon relaxed as Norma makes one feel so comfortable and at ease. I have seen her twice now and am amazed and in awe of how spot on her readings are and at how excellent her advice is. I leave her feeling relaxed and at peace. She is so fair with her rate and you dont feel as if you are just another client. She puts everything into her time with you. Thank you Norma, you are a wonderful person.

  57. I had my very first reading with Norma today and wasn’t sure what to expect. The accuracy of this reading was mind blowing and left me in tears. Once again THANK YOU Norma for helping me find peace after all this years. What I also loved about my reading, Norma didn’t just help me find answers to my questions but she also gave me guidance on how to move forward. Phenomenal Women, Stay Blessed!
    *She comes highly recommended

  58. After seeing Norma, I had an unbelievable calmness and a better approach to understanding myself. I felt more confident and inspired. Would recommend a session with Norma to everyone. Danielle

  59. I had a 30 minute telephone reading with Norma and all I can say is Thank You Norma for bringing closure to some issues which have been draining my energies the past few years! I now feel lighter, relieved and for the first time in ages, in control of my life!!! No amount of words can express my gratitude. Your reading relating to my career was spot on and your connection with my dad in the beyond was priceless as it helped me to let go of my guilt and move forward in my life. Thank you, thank you and thank you! God Bless you Norma.

  60. Thank you Norma, for being my guardian angel. The reading wasn’t just an eye opener, it was also confirmation of what I have been feeling, doubted and didn’t want to believe was true – I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your professional openness, honesty and comforting ways. I will be holding my head up high and walk towards the light. God bless you today and always.

    • Thank you Norma for shedding light on certain aspects of my life. Very accurate readings and so fulfilling. Grateful for your inner sight on my life and situation. Bringing clarification on so many aspects of my life… what a blessing to have such.a gift…

  61. Norma has affirmed everything I needed to know about myself and people closest to me. She has managed to shed light on all the issues that I felt conflicted on. What an amazing experience. Thank you for your guidance Norma, I am beyond humbled.

  62. At the start of my reading I was very apprehensive as I was unsure of what to expect. The reading has left me with peace and clarity with my way forward. Thank you once again Norma

  63. I can only describe my experience with Norma as spiritually enlightening! I was so confused, emotional and afraid when I went to her but I left feeling in control, more motivated than ever before but most importantly, I left with clarity of mind and soul. I will recommend Norma to anyone who needs spiritual guidance. Norma, I thank you. This will not be my last session.

  64. Norma has so much great insight. I have been to a few psychics and nothing has compared to the insights that she gave me. She helped me clarify a lot that was on my mind, and her ability to see things clearly is amazing!

  65. A friend recommended me to go to Norma. I am forever grateful. Norma is the real thing! My reading was very accurate and exactly what I wished for. Norma helped me understand the cross roads that I am at and made me feel confident and safe. I will definitely come back for more readings. SO lucky to have found someone I really can trust.

  66. Absolutely amazing.

    Norma has such clarity and the relevance of her message and truth is just obvious. If ever you need guidance in your life, regardless of the situation, you absolutely will find find the answers here.

  67. Norma thank you!!!!! I am so happy that we have connected and your reading was most rewarding in providing some clarity in guiding me. Extremely accurate reading!!!!!!!! I am truly grateful and many blessings. God bless you

  68. Every reading by Norma is a profoundly healing experience. There are no gimmicks or fakery here – her insights provide a clarity that is unmatched. Norma’s gift is coupled with her immense understanding of human nature and the human condition. This is why her readings are so incredibly accurate. I have always come away from each reading with a sense of calm, knowing exactly the odds and influences shaping whatever situation I’m in, and what it is I’m required to do to move forward. I cannot express my gratitude for Norma’s kind and loving assistance enough.

  69. Thank you Norma for your guidance. Your reading was accurate and extremely insightful. I feel more at ease now and appreciate that you made me feel comfortable during this process. I would recommend you to anyone who requires your services.

  70. It was a amazing and fruit full experience, i would defiantly recommend Norma to anyone who seeks answers. The reading was spot-on. Thank you so much

  71. I purchased the 15 minute special with Norma and firstly I would like to say thank you Norma for your powerful words. I had an amazing session short and to the point no beating around the bush or sugarcoating. The amount of detail in such a short session wow and thank you for your guidance and kindness. You were spot on with my situation and you had me in tears with your accuracy. Thank you for the special message from my father whom has passed on that meant so much to me, I will definitely be back.

  72. Just a big thank you for this, I have known you for 4 years now, and you are always the one person that is able to advise, guide and mentor me, to exactly where I need to be.
    I really appreciate all the feedback and advise yesterday, thank you for always making time for me, I really do appreciate you.

  73. Hi Norma. Thank you so much for the extra mile that you went with me. . The reading was soooo spot-on. You have clarified a few uncertainties and I am grateful for your input. The very next day after my reading the first part came true….. and I’m in the process of healing and I know its taking me to right track. We are looking forward to our reading this weekend……………God bless and keep up the good work!!!

  74. I called Norma because I have been going through a difficult time and felt like I was in a black hole. I needed my faith and hope restored. Her visualization at the beginning of the session was so perfect and really helped to guide the session with such valuable and important information. Norma took me through a guided meditation on the spot and emailed me lots of affirmations and meditations that have helped me to move forward. Thank you Norma for pulling me out of such dark place and giving me the steps that I needed to move forward in a positive way on this journey.

  75. Hi Norma
    I just want to thank you for your guidance you have given me. I feel very inspired and guided after each session with you. You have helped to give me better perspective of situations when in doubt, and it has made me see things more clearly to make the right decisions. Both personally and professionaly you have given me the most sound advice, thank you again JJ

  76. Norma has been my bedrock for a few years now. Her level of insights never cease to amaze me, as she truly and remarkable has a way of clarifying people and circumstances in my life in a way that is authentic, direct. loving and empowering. With Norma’s guidance over the years, I have come such a long way personally and professionally. Her guidance and insights, whether big or small, have truly been invaluable to me and i am so grateful she is here for me and alongside me on my journey…

  77. Norma has an incredible gift! I was completely amazed at how she described the situations and people in my life with absolute accuracy and with almost no information from me. I walked in with many questions, very confused about my options and my life’s direction, but I walked out feeling that everything made sense at last and knowing what I had to do. The insights Norma provides through her psychic readings are invaluable. Thank you!

  78. I was a participant with Ilonka in the group workshop “Finding me – exploring the greatness within” and totally agree with her that it was a wonderful experience working within a group with Norma guiding us all the way. I also had a “one-on-one” session which helped me work through issues which surfaced during the workshop.
    I have been to Norma previously for readings and am always astounded by her insight, advice and ability to calm and reassure me. Thank you so much, Norma.

  79. I had my first reading by you in 2013. I was in a very unhappy space because I couldn’t help the one I loved at the time more than I already did. I was to embark on a new job and your reading assured me all the things that has come to pass. The one I loved has since passed on and today I was fortunate enough to reconnect with him. As well as your reading about certain elements in my life that is frustrating me has shed some light.
    Thank you so much for today and for making things a bit more clearer.

  80. You gave me a reading in 2012 and you told me to keep digging to find the truth. It was revealed to me recently and I want to thank you for telling me never to give up with this task. With the truth it has brought closure more than you can imagine.
    Thank you!!!!

  81. I had a reading with Norma a few weeks ago and she was spot-on! There were a few things that I was unsure of at the time, however everything has just fallen into place. It is quite incredible howaccurately she described every situation. I will definitely be back with more questions. Thank you!

  82. I had a reading with Norma Simon on 20 January 2016. She firstly helped me to relax and remain calm. Stepping into her space immediately makes one calm. She has an amazing aura. The things she said to me were really accurate. From describing me and where I am in my life right now to my fears concerning work and personal life. She was also extremely accurate in connecting with my loved ones who have passed over. She has given me invaluable advice for my future, and left me with a feeling of satisfaction and positivity on the way forward for my life. It is also great to have a recording which I can play over again as a guide. Her meditations are also helping to calm me and allowing me to let things go more easily. Thank you Norma. May you be immensely blessed. Vanessa

  83. Had my first reading with Norma a few days ago via email … With regards to myself and my boys you were extremely spot on and accurate. You also confirmed my own thoughts and feelings from deep down about my ex, although others tried to paint a totally different picture, making me doubt my own judgement over the last 23 years. I really needed clarity on this in order to begin to trust myself, my decisions and my intuition again. I was really battling with “how could I have been so wrong for so long”.
    I do have a better sense of how this works now and will be in touch again soon. I’ve been listening to your recordings over and over, each time I gain a little more or a new insight. What I initially thought was “just present situation”, I can now see, has always been… Thank you for your advice, meditation recordings and a far greater insight into myself and other issues on my mind. Will highly recommend your services. Will be back in touch soon! Thank you so much!!!
    Love & Light Norma, and may all that is continue to work through you xx

  84. I immediately felt comfortable with Norma. She could connect to my issues and provided me with guidance that had depth and came from a good place (the way I felt). What made me feel more appreciative of the session with her, was that I walked away feeling good and better equipped to tackle my issues. The supporting material was an added bonus. I can truly and honestly recommend a session for those in search of perspective and enlightenment.

  85. I left Norma’s session feeling a new sense of peace about that which was bothering me, Normal really helped me to straighten out the thoughts and outlooks I needed to take. The atmosphere was serene and peaceful and I felt that Norma really listens and understands her clients. The heaviness I was feeling was lifted with the clarity of the situation and the assistance Norma offered with meditations and positive affirmations will help me enormously! Norma is a beautiful gentle soul! Thank you!

  86. Norma is such a gift. She’s been such a light bringer in my life. I would recommend any person to share in her gifts. I continue to gain so much clarity and affirmation through her. I just wish continued blessings and prosperity to her.

  87. I met Norma on a trip to South Africa under circumstances that can only be described as destined to be. I have spoken to her via Skype several times over the last year, and each time she is remarkably on point and intuitive. I have also recommended her to numerous people around the world who have all been helped by her insight and gifts. Although skepticism in initially contacting her is totally understandable, she has never failed to make a believer out of those who follow their instinct to call her. I am truly grateful to have met her, and will continue to speak to her in the future.

  88. N0rma, thank you! Your clear, symbolic messages and meditations have re-ignited my passion for this life’s journey. I look forward to meeting with you again.

  89. Such a peaceful, constructive, insightful and loving first session – thank you Norma. Practically, I came away with a wonderful framework for handling conversations around shifting relationships. I will be back for more! Namaste.

  90. Norma’s reading was simply amazing. We did it over Skype, and she got everything right on. More than that, it helped me deal with events that happen right after in a way that benefited me tremendously. Thank you so much, C.

  91. I live in the Seychelles and I have had a few readings done by Norma via e mail. The accuracy and detail is really amazing especially a recent reading. This was done in the beginning of July and every single detail and the timeline of an event she had given me has happened exactly like she said it would. I still cant believe it and I actually play back my recording several times. Norma has a special gift and I am so grateful to her for always guiding me then and also in the future.

  92. I had an email reading to connect with my mom that had passed away. Although I had sent questions that I wanted to ask there was one thing on my mind, something of my mom’s that I had been looking for but I did not mention any of that in the questions that I sent through. When Norma connected with my mom, the very first thing that came through was an image of the item I had been looking for and then a description of its hiding place, which knowing my mom, in hindsight was a perfectly obvious hiding spot for her but not a common one that most people would use. Hearing that and a number of other things mentioned in the reading that Norma absolutely could not have known about left me shaking and very emotional. I have always been a bit more sceptical than believing of this kind of gift but the reading changed my whole outlook on a lot of things and clarified something for me that had been driving me emotionally insane and preventing me from coming to terms with the circumstances of my mom’s death. That connection with my mom and being able to get the information I so badly needed was valuable beyond anything that mere words can describe.

  93. Last week, I did my second telephone reading with Norma. I was very impressed by our first one, but the second one left me speechless. She is truly gifted and answers questions in a very non-judgemental fashion, and she just fully and completely comprehends your concerns. I am very grateful and still amazed by her gift and skills. I cannot wait to have the chance to consult with her again. I thank you Norma

  94. In May, I did a phone reading with Norma and I had not given her any information about myself, nor did she know anything about me except for my name. I had done readings before, but I was pleasantly surprised by how detailed her reading was and created an environment for me where I was able to freely ask her questions without fear of judgement. Very gifted lady and a blessing to us all.

  95. I am from Paris and recently found out about Norma and we had a great Viber conversation and I will be calling again for sure. Thanks for all the meditations! X Demna

  96. I had my first reading with Norma yesterday and to be honest, I was just shocked by how calm, thorough, engaging and in-depth she was. I had done readings before but this by far was the most interesting and helpful reading I had ever done. I thank you Norma for the gift you have, in spite of being ill you still were able to push through and help me with my burning questions.

  97. I had an amazing time with her, she filled me with true answers all right answers. I am really happy I have met someone like her I will definitely go to her again no doubts

  98. My reading with you has expanded my vision and I feel more consciously aware of the path I have been given to walk. The information you gave me is a treasure allowing me to remodel my life and recreate myself as the incredible woman I have been designed to be.
    How you know the things you know, I believe your gift is highly spirited from the Universas domain. You have the power of a Magic woman and the Spirit to heal the wounded.
    Much Love

  99. Norma is FANTASTIC!!!!!! and so on-point. I am in awe at how accurate Norma was. Thank you for a fantastic reading .

  100. Norma is so spot on and definitely is a guide to clarity. I am so happy that my friend recommended her to me and I will continue to use her as a guide. It confirms things I felt in my gut . I sent all my questions to Norma via E mail and NEVER spoke to her at all!

  101. I was so moved and surprised when Norma read my life’s background ,present and gave me advise for my future ! She was so surreal and spot on with my feelings , my hardships and my family to the last detail. She seemed to be so zoned into my family and my life to the last detail. I was in total surprised she could see so much with no knowledge of my life or family. She was able to also advise me with meditation to move forward which I so need to do after 4 years of suffering . It was as if she knew every detail of my life. My desperation and all the members if my large family. I highly recommend Her as she us a true Physic and sees the full picture which i did not ! advising me what to do from now on! I will need Her reading every month. She was spot on and so amazing to the last detail. She has a special gift!! It all made sense and I do believe she will continue to help me get thru this! Thank u Norma ! You are so special person with a gift from G-d!!! Love lolly

  102. I have seen almost every ‘self-proclaimed’ psychic in Johannesburg, South Africa for the past 10 years and as a skeptic, I’m always a little weary of ‘cold-readers.’ However I must say that I am absolutely blown away by Norma’s incredible spiritual insight, accuracy, consistency and priceless advice! Over Skype with no camera!! If you’re looking for the ‘real deal’ look no further. I have yet to find a more authentic and ‘in-touch’ psychic like Norma Simon.

  103. I had my first online chat with Norma this morning. I am stunned by how intuitive she is. Her insights were remarkable. She put into concrete words those feelings and thoughts that had been scattered throughout my psyche.

    I am looking forward to another session.

  104. I live in America and happened to meet Norma while visiting in S. Africa. I was so impressed with her in person that when I returned home I asked her to have a Skpe reading with me. Her visions and insights about past, present and future are remarkable, and her demeanor always approachable and non-judgmental. I will be speaking to her again and highly recommend spending time with her.

  105. My experience with Norma has been a unique one because I live in New York and have been Skyping with her in South Africa. Her intuition knows no boundaries. Thus far, my work with Norma has been rewarding on many levels. I have experienced emotional growth in ways I never expected. Through Norma I am finally finding my voice. Thank you Norma!

  106. Norma is kind, compassionate and intuitive. I was at a point where I had to make some important decisions. Norma’s guidance and insight into all these issues was astounding. Her gift is a true blessing
    Thank you so very much providing me with guidance.
    Forgot to say Norma is also very beautiful

  107. To this day Norma still continues to guide me not so much in a physical level but rather on a spiritual and emotional level empowering me in reaching my highest potential. Everyone should try her readings once to experience for themselves. If you lost, she will place you back on track in an instant. Thank you Norma you are such a blessing to the world.

  108. I asked Norma a very pressing question and she gave me all the answers that I already felt were right, so it was great to get confirmation that I was on the right track. She added visions and symbology that helped press the information in my mind (I am very visual) and she was very approachable, easy to talk to and in no way arrogant or money-driven, like other psychic individuals that I have contacted in the past. I will definitely contact Norma any time I need help with anyone in my circle of friends of family who have passed on, as well as potential opportunities, career moves or any changes and periods of uncertainty in general.

  109. Norma has been key in my awakening process. Her intuition and visions have consistently been very accurate and tuned in with my feelings and experiences. I am so grateful for her support and understanding. I used to be quite distant to spirituality but certain ‘circumstances’ in my life have brought me to needing a clearer understanding, and here is where Norma helped and helps me connect and discover what we all have in us but are too distant or maybe too afraid to believe. Love, Ana

  110. Ive spent years working with Norma.
    Literally it was life changing.
    Norma is wonderful, intuitive , sensitive and wise.
    Thank you so much Norma for everything you have allowed me to do.
    love x

  111. I have been to Norma a number of times and her accuracy is simply remarkable.

    Her calm nature and genuine responses to all questions is comforting.

    I will definately keep going to her!

  112. Beginning of this year I really went through times of darkness and one of my friends recommended that I see Norma for spiritual reading…..I was really so desperate & looking for help so I decided to see her….what happened then was really a mind blowing experience…..after following her advices new doors opened in my life, I was able to break out of my routine, I was getting better day by day and with each step I was doing forward new experiences & opportunities came into my life. – This was half a year ago and I can still feel how my life is shifting to a better side ! – Norma not only helped me to swim to new shores, but made me to become a so much happier person…..I m so grateful to have met Norma and it s still just amazing for me how 1 hour spending with her and listening to her readings can have such an positive impact & change on some ones life. – Norma, thanx so so much, luv&light, Ilonka

  113. I had another reading with Norma recently as something was upsetting me so much I could not sleep and my mind was in turmoil. I asked her for a reading as soon as possible and she kindly fitted me in the next day due to a cancellation. I love the way one can just ask questions. In that half hour she answered all that was worrying me in such a wise and insightful way from her guides that I immediately felt so much better, my mind calmed down and I understood the larger reason of why I was going through what I was going through. I slept well that night and woke up feeling happy again. No amount of money can make up for having peace of mind. Thanks again Norma and I will certainly call on you and your guides again when the need arises. Good to know you are just a phone call/email away, Blessings, Joanne x

  114. Norma thank you for doing my reading. Not only was it accurate but your advice and insight was invaluable. Its helped me so much already to start putting all these aspects into perspective with the positivity you were able to transfer through your reading.

  115. Today its been exactly one year since I called you for the first time, and I wanted to say thank you-for everything. You helped me so much.I know I wouldnt have made it through this year without you. I hope you know that I am so grateful for everything you did for me, for your help,advice and encouragement. No one else would have done for me what you have done!I have thanked God so often that I found you, even though I’m in Germany and your’e in South Africa, you really made a difference in my life, you were and are always there for me,and I know your’e making a difference in many other lives as well.

  116. Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for an incredible reading. Now that I have had time to reflect on what I was told I am astounded-there was a lot that I hadnt ever thought of, but now realise that it is actually correct.

  117. Thank you Norma for a fantastic Skype reading. You are truly blessed with a gift. After speaking to you I felt that my spirit had been recharged with an inner strength.

  118. I just wanted to tell you that your course was so illuminating.
    Everyone gathered different insights and was so appreciative of your expertise and compassionate and interesting insights.
    Thank you for putting together such a great workshop!

  119. Thanks to all that participated in the Love and Fear Workshop in March 2014. Norma created a safe space for discovering, sharing and healing. Love and Light to all. Ingrid

  120. Incredible Norma!

    Thank you so much for confirming life and its beauty to me again..I feel blessed to have found you and you truly are gifted…I know my journey forward will be shared with you guiding me in the right direction..
    Thank you for sharing your light and gift with the world and affirming mine to me…

    Thank you !!
    love & light

  121. What a spot on reading. Thank you for the insight to be able to deal with my situation and move on to a more happy and positive future!!

  122. Thank you Norma…. once again your reading was insightful and very accurate pertaining to current events in my life. I always find clarity in my mind after speaking with you on SKYPE. I feel that there is a clear connection and that your opening visions are very relative to what’s going on around me.
    Once again, very many thanks,

    CH, Cape Town

  123. Norma has offered me a sense of guidance & comfort that i thought i would of never been able to find on my own. Norma also helped me find inner peace and i learnt how to let go of the past and move forward with my life. I cant believe that it took me so long to find a spiritual guardian such as herself…

  124. I have found the guidance received from Norma to be hugely valuable and extremely helpful. The specific information seems to be very accurate and clear. I am very grateful for the work that Norma does. It feels supportive of all the aspects of my life; personal, relationship, family, work, health etc. THANK YOU

  125. Dear Norma

    Thank you so much for bringing light back into my life and for giving me the confidence to take on and face the future again. Your reading was accurate and your advice ‘spot on’ and very practical. Many Thanks, Sonja

  126. Thank you Norma – you were spot on when I needed guidance from my spiritual team at the most relevant time – thank you, thank you.

  127. Norma, you have been a catalyst in my spiritual path and evolution… and ongoing quest and you have helped me tremendously in my life. It is evident that you do what you do with so much love and compassion. I always leave feeling uplifted and motivated, and the fact that I receive your recording allows me to go back and listen to my session and tap into an even deeper understanding, healing and ultimately growth, long after seeing you.

    I loved your “Who am I” Workshop, it revealed masks that I wasn’t aware of and has allowed me to get to know myself a little better – I know there is so much to learn, but you have planted a seed and from there a new quest has started, allowing me to live more in line with my Truth. I have also been able to give small pieces of advice to people in my life, based on what I have learnt, and in doing so I was able to help them in a small way, it’s definitely an experience that keeps on giving.

    Thank you for being the beautiful person that you are.

    Much love

  128. Norma’s Workshop “The Who Am I” was very pleasant and intimate
    With a small group to share our processes with.
    It definitely gave me a big bone to chew on by
    the time I left. I certainly did not expect to leave
    with some essential groundbreaking homework.
    I am still processing and I must say that I am grateful
    for her insight of my greatest Achilles Heal, as
    scary as it was for me at the time, I am possibly
    now able to really take a genuine leap forward.
    There is no looking back ……..x Mariamne

  129. I attended one of my first workshops held by Norma this past Saturday.Norma provides a loving,gentle environment,with a small group and gently guides us to discover the masks we have put in place over the course of this life’s journey,and then with meditation and clay and her gentle guidance and breathtaking insight and intuition,helps to uncover and peel away the layers,to reveal all that is needed to heal and grow,for the journey ahead.It was the most wonderful healing and transformational experience for me…. Thank you so much Norma. Ursula

  130. I did Norma’s clay workshop last week end and not only was it great fun but also could I feel an immediate shift in my thoughts and actions without even intending so. I was exhausted the day of the workshop so I knew already that me energies must be worked on and, boy, did my energies get worked on. Everything is clearer and blockages have definitely been cleared. Thank you from Elephant Mum, Marina

  131. Had no idea what to expect from a Mask workshop ……. enjoyed every moment.
    Norma you are an a wonderful facilitator, allowing yet guiding.
    Amazed at what I thought I’d let go of …. was still attached by threads inhibiting my forward moving adventure.
    The clay reveals with feeling.
    Thank you Norma
    With love Rouen

  132. what a wonderful workshop! cleverly thought – out and and steered. Norma allowed us all to ‘see’ what we needed to at our own pace.

    thanks Norma for a special morning!

  133. I found Norma to be kind, insightful and caring in helping to find understanding in a situation that left me bewildered and confused. I’m thankful for her help and have so much respect for her gift, and how she chooses to use it.

  134. Thanks for our two sessions, enjoyed the first and learned so much about my journey that I had to come back for a second one and gained more answers and wisdom. You have a wonderful gift and I appreciated your practical guidance and very accurate information about my issues. Look forward to meeting again when I am in Cape Town.
    Take care Ruth

  135. Meeting with you has been humbling,inspiring and amazing. Thank you for sharing your invaluable gift so generously and sincerely. May you continue to be blessed with insight, compassion, strength and love!

  136. Thank you Norma for the most wonderful reading and experience, you are truly blessed with a unique gift – thank you for sharing this with me.


  137. Norma is a very special and unique person who shares her incredible gift with us. I truly feel my mindset has shifted after seeing Norma.
    Her intuitive channeling abilities are some of he best I have ever experienced.
    Thank you for the most enjoyable experience.
    Love and light

  138. Had a reading with Norma for the first time yesterday and was amazed how she was able to describe my thoughts, doubts and dreams at this exact time in my life! It was uncanny!! It was wonderful to receive confirmation that I was heading in the right direction and given the tools to assist and pave the way. Many thanks Norma for your guidance …..I shall put it to good use!!

  139. We all come to a crossroads at some stage in our lives. Some of us perhaps more than others. I was feeling directionless and hopeless when I called on Norma for a consultation, in hope of at least some semblance of an answer or two.

    Well, I can safely say that from the very moment Norma started talking to me, she absolutely hit the nail on its head (every time) and evoked the most compelling emotion from places in me that I didn’t even know existed. In terms of my turbulent journey of self-discovery, I can honestly say that this marked the catalyst and turning point into a much more certain and calm state of being in which I now have the clarity to move forward and not just “hover”.

    Norma is an intuitive, kind and blessed clairvoyant who really left me wanting for nothing at the close of our session. I will be consulting her without a blink of an eye going forward.
    Thank you Norma, you restored my faith in life again!

  140. Dear Norma

    I write in awe of your obvious and multi talents and accuracy about whom ever you gave me information—and the wisdom attached to those bits of invaluable advice which you so freely and instantly were able to impart to me. Your command of English is superb—hence your ability to tell me what you hear in that other dimension, so succinctly. I truly felt unburdened and detoxified after my talking Skype times with you—and that one can talk on Skype is So incredibly convenient—as then the actual landline phone call is eliminated from the picture.

    Thank you for being such an obviously caring and concerned human being—with qualities and insights that are impossible to find else where.

    You are indeed a very specially singled out Human Being by which ever wonderful ‘Powers’ there are—and it has been an absolute privilege for me to beable to liaise with you the way you’ve allowed.

    Thank you so very much for being YOU.

    From one of your most admiring clients.

  141. I have had two readings with Norma and have sent many friends to her as well.
    She has been amazingly accurate in both my readings.
    My friends in Johannesburg have had phone readings and they have said their readings were also very accurate.
    Norma is very intuitive,wise,careful and caring alongside her accuracy. She comes highly recommended!

  142. It took me so long to find a gem of gems! Norma is that miracle for me. Norma’s readings was the key to my release – I needed her to confirm what I was thinking feeling but most of all to see out of the box and I am a very open person. Sometimes the greatest help comes from an stranger at least for me and I know they were God sent. Norma was my Eagle and took me high above to look down on me. I recommend her to all and will continue to do so. If you want instant healing, release or answer to question you never thought you will get then visit Norma, you will be amazed and healed what a bonus. Norma is an Angel and I carry a small part of her magic with me everyday – love and light Almira

  143. All words of gratitude escape me.
    WOW !!! What an insightful and uplifting reading.
    May you continue to be guided and continue to make the immense difference in the lives of all who interact with you.
    Love and Light

  144. My session with Norma ended with great clarity. She told me things, she had no possible way of researching and rehearsing. Everyone should see her at least once in their lifetime.

  145. My recent session wth Norma was so much more than just a psychic reading, as i could feel powerful healing taking place both during & since the session. I hav no doubt that further & deeper healing will occur in the weeks & months ahead as i periodically will relisten to the recording. I could truly feel the divine love & compassion coming thru her words, yet she doesnt beat around the bush wth vague or general info that could apply to everyone, as so many others in her profession tend to do. She gave much needed & direct guidance & answers specific to my questions, & everything she said resonated as Truths & wisdom coming frm a very pure & high place. I wont hesitate to go for another reading if or when i need further assistance & guidance of a human angel in future ♥ ♥

  146. Norma has a wonderful gift which she uses accurately and gently. Thank you for your insights and guidance and giving me the confidence to follow my dreams.

  147. I had the privilege to meet Norma for the first time on June, 12th for a reading during which she summed up my future journey with breathtaking accuracy! I found her to be exceptionally spiritually gifted, and she uses this gift in a gentle and caring manner to paint a picture of brilliant illlumination. I found her idea to record each reading of invaluable assistance, enabling me to absorb the overwhelming amount of information, which gave me then opportunity to place all the pieces of the puzzle in place and to get a complete and perfect picture. This is an extra-ordinary gift that will indeed just keep on ‘giving’, providing guidance for years to come. Thank you very much Norma. May you be blessed a thousandfold!

  148. I had a telephone reading recently with the lovely Norma. Gosh, it was amazing. She truly gets her answers from source and it is given in a gentle and spiritual manner. She certainly has a special gift and uses it with great love and warmth to help people along the path. I felt that I was shown a bigger picture as well as lots of practical help and it cleared a lot of my confusion, decisions and major life questions. I am so grateful that I found her as I know that I will be contacting her again for help, advice or just a spiritual lift. I asked so many questions and she answered all of them with grace and sincerity. She truly is a genuine ‘oracle’ and they are rare to find these days. Be well Norma and stay strong so you can do the work you were destined to do in this lifetime.

  149. After being plagued for many years with various issues, at last I found a true, authentic, Angel in Norma. She is a Godsend. A unique being who is as warm as she is spiritual. No leading questions, straight-forward, honest. This was money well-spent, every penny of it.
    Feeling very Blessed and at peace.
    I highly recommend Norma – a rare and gifted diamond!
    Thank you again for restoring my faith, Norma.

  150. Dear Norma,

    I cannot thank you enough, you are such a gifted and blessed soul. Thank you for sharing your gift with me, for tapping into my world, shining clarity and giving insight where I needed it the most, I feel so comforted and more positive now that I have spoken to you and now that I have connected with Tony in such a personal, loving and healing way, my heart feels lighter, this is exactly what I was looking for – this will allow me a greater understanding and eventual acceptance, when the time is right. I know it is a process and I respect the process, my meeting with you will help me along this journey of healing tremendously. I am deeply grateful!

    – René –

  151. Its my first time that I have ever been to a pyshic or in my opinion a spirit ail healer…norma has really showed me the path that I have to take to feel better about myself and to also better myself…I will always be grateful for the advise and the eye opening experience that she has shared with me…I will always be grateful.

  152. Dear Norma
    Thank you for your graciousness, your gentleness, your compassion and for sharing your gift. You made me feel at ease, you made me feel safe, you helped me to believe again in myself and the greater scheme of life that God has planned for me. Thank you for restroing my faith, thank you for shining your light onto my path and for encouraging my light to shine again. God Bless. Love & Light, Juanita.

  153. A very big thank you for the wonderful, compassionate and insightful reading. You have given me clarity on many issues that have plagued me throughout my life and I can now move forward knowing that I am on the right track.

  154. After having my reading with you Norma, i was blown away by your gift. I am often listening to the recording of our reading and will definately be back soon. You are a woman of grace and sincerety and it was an honour to meet you! Thank you!!!

  155. I want to thank God for lighting the way to find you. There are no words to describe my happiness having the possibility to talk to you and feel your amazing energy around me. I spoke to you first time this morning, but I am sure it was not the last. Thank you Norma for giving me clear directions. Such a great feeling of having an honest friend.

  156. Norma, I thank you for the light and direction our meeting has brought in to my life. I have since managed to walk away from past glitches that clung heavy to me, and I am now able to proceed freely with a new found sense of direction and meaning . You have an amazing gift. Thank you – Bless.

  157. Norma gave me the insight and closure that I have been craving for in my soul for ages. She has given me a complete sense of clarity, direction and calmness in this difficult time. Norma, please keep sharing your gift with the world and thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

  158. Norma is increadible she has amazing insight and is profoundly intuiative she explained my life to me better than ever i could within 5 minutes of our first meeting, despite never having met her before. Everything she said is begining to unfold just the way she said it would. She has given me an increadible sense of direction and clarity. Norma I thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

  159. I had my first reading last night with Norma and was blown away!
    It totally put my mind at ease during my difficult time and provided much needed clarity!

    Thank you so very much, I am forever grateful!

  160. Hi Norma

    Thank you so much for the reading and counselling!!! You hit the hammer on the nail with everything.

    Thank you for reaffirming what I already knew and felt, and thank you for the guidance given.

    Your work is appreciated.

    Kindest regards,

  161. Norma- Thank you!
    Even though we talked over skype, it felt like you were right there! I feel so positive and motivated and your special gift has simply ignited my inner being!!!!

    So look forward to the next time,

  162. Dear Norma

    I feel so inspired tonight. I just feel blessed. I feel a sense of what Life and My God could possibly have in store for me. And the taste is so sweet. I see you as a beautiful angel is being a conduit to make such happiness possible for people. I again want to bless you. I pray that my God keeps you just happy.

    You are one the persons i have come to care for, not only for what you give to people. But you remind me of what my God can make possible.
    I just say thank you.

    Warm wishes

    Feel free to show this message to the world. You deserve it.

  163. Over the past year I have had numerous readings with Norma, both telephonically and via e mail. I have never met Norma face to face. She has been a source of incredible insights and support. Her visions are frighteningly accurate, and her advice ande counselling is always valid and well thought out. I have grown to value and depend on her advice to help me through tough situations and decisions.
    Thank you Norma!

  164. I need to say that the reading was done over skype and I have never ever met Norma before.I had a lot of pressing decisions to make and I could not believe that Norma was so profoundly accurate in her assessment and advice. She helped to clear up many grey areas for me and Im feeling much clearer and know where Im going now.
    I did not doubt one part of her reading and everything she said resonated with me. She is also extremely reasonable with her rates, professional and definitely does things with the right reasons and heart behind them. She is someone to be trusted!

  165. Hello Norma

    I would like to thank you for the excellent reading you did for me.

    You have such a special gift and thank you again for sharing it with me to help me see things a lot more clearly.

    It is incredibly amazing how accurate it all is, I don’t think words can explain how much it helps. Feel so relieved.

    I am so glad I found you, not only are the readings excellent but it almost feels like a little therapy at the same time, you sound like such a gentle kind person.

    Thank you so much

    Look forward to the next reading.


  166. Thank you for your accuracy! you were spot on, I am so grateful for your insights and direction. Onward to a new path! much love-

  167. I feel very honoured and blessed by the Universe for bringing Norma to me in my most troublesome times. Norma has helped me many times by telephone but due to work reasons I was unable to contact her telephonically. I was so thrilled when I discovered that she did e-mail readings as well. After sending her my questions via e-mail, she replied within a day and her readings were just as effective as the telephonic readings. Thank you Norma for all the help you have given me. You have given me direction and I feel motivated about so many things. Dont know what I would have done if you were not there.

  168. It is personally a true pleasure speaking to Norma. I just wanted to again express my sincere appreciation for her special gift. She is truly blessed to be able to offer something so beautiful to people across the world. It provides such an important insight and at times much needed confirmation. I want to wish her continued strength and health.

  169. Norma is a rare find. She instills sense of calmness and gentle reassuredness. Her gift is very, very accurate – the messages I received were those I needed to seek closure …. for this I am grateful and humbled. You are a remarkable person Norma – thank you!

  170. Norma, thank you so much for the reading you did for me. I cannot beleive that without any information you were able to tell and describe to me so much about the people I asked you about. I look forward to having more readings with you. Thank you for sharing your special gift with me

  171. My session with Norma was done on skype and within minutes I was looking around to make sure Norma wasn’t hiding somewhere where she could see me, her opening vision was so insanely accurate that I was a little more than overwhelmed. The message that was delivered to me had me nodding in total understanding as a light bulb went on and suddenly I could “see” and understand my bigger picture, that has eluded me for some time. Thank you Norma for sharing your gift with the world. I am so grateful for the blessing of having found you. Its awesome to have such easy access to guidance as and when I require it . Thank you beautiful soul.

  172. Went in very skeptical…. Came out amazed!! WOW!! I am still amazed how Norma can sense peoples energies that she has never met! And be so spot on!!
    I am looking forward to further chats :o)
    Thank you Norma!! You are blessed with one amazing gift!!

  173. It is truly an inspirational moment every time i talk to Norma. Her gift is a blessing. Her loving manner of delivering her message is quite special. I would recommend her to anyone who wants clarity or insight into any particular matter. Thanks, Norma

  174. Norma was spot on. She highlighted an issue in my life that was due for review. I did the work and this has opened many doors for me. A whole lot of obstacles suddenly fell away.
    She is very gentle and very accurate. I really appreciated that. I recommend her reading to anyone who really wants to know. Thanks Norma

  175. Norma’s ability to tune in with the circumstances of my life history was quite uncanny. As if we had always known each other. We worked together on freeing energy that had been blocked since childhood and after our two sessions I felt much lighter and optimistic, I highly recommend Norma.

  176. Norma (and her Spiritual Team) were able to accurately access my current situation and were able to confirm what I had already suspected. My reading was done over Skype and Norma was able to answer all of my questions. A couple of times a lot of information about specifics wasn’t coming through, so we just moved on to the next question. We’re all human and there are sometimes reasons we can’t get the full picture we ask for but Norma was honest, sincere and accurate in everything that she relayed to me. The reading provided me with a lot of insight into myself, my situation and my path and I am forever grateful!

  177. Norma is the most specific psychic, down to the detailed name of individuals. It was the best reading that I have ever had. Thank you so much.

  178. My recent face-to-face meeting with Norma was truly a life-changing experience. She approaches her sessions with such benevolence. Her gift is beyond words. She was able to give me clarity about my most personal relationships and specific advice on current situations.

    Thank you, Norma, for all of your insight, compassion, and generosity!

  179. My session with Norma was an amazing experience. I have seen may gifted psychics in my life time, yet only left with the information that was given. With Norma, she really and truly “Reads Your Mind” to where you are in the present, and guides you where you need to be for your life’s journey. We all venture off course, and Norma gently walks you back to the right pathway.
    A truly wonderful “Life Changing Experience”
    A million thanks!!!!!

  180. Norma, you have a very special gift. Thank you so much for all the insight you have given me. You spoke about so many things with such accuracy and gave me invaluable advice.

  181. Peace of mind brought to me by the angels that come thru Norma. After a reading the other day I was able to put things into perspective. I’m known as a skeptical believer and this reading really validated some things for me. Thank you!

  182. Wow. I do not know of a better way to describe the experience that I have just had with Norma. She performed a reading this afternoon and I feel at peace. Norma spoke with such clarity and direction, she seems to have an insight that no one else has. I have been left speechless and a calm has taken over me.

    Norma may you never stop helping people in this way. You have a gift that not many of us have. Thank you for sharing.

    I love you and am grateful for what you have revealed.

  183. Norma has pushed me forward on my journey and my world has not stopped spinning since. Everything that was simmering under the surface is being revealed and my life is taking on some drastic but very necessary changes.
    Thank you Norma for opening up my soul to see and to be in the light.

  184. Norma is still carrying me through my journey with such love and spiritual guidance without you i would not fiind my way …. thank you norma x

  185. Norma has provided me with the strength and clarity that was needed to start accepting and loving myself. I now have the courage to stand up for myself and knowing that with faith and time – all will work out.
    Norma – thank you so much for the talks and for your encouragement.

  186. Norma’s warmth shines through the reading. She is incredibly patient, genuine and is so incredibly accurate. I was given clarity and direction on things I should do and people that I need to get out of my life who are causing me harm and destruction. I am grateful for her insightful advice and wisdom. Norma is like speaking with a life long friend who tells you the truth and gently gives you insight and clear direction on your situation. Thank you Norma

  187. Norma has guided me into a healthy positive direction. Shedding light and love on areas that needed healing to help me move forward. Her ability to connect to the spirit world is a true gift. I am grateful for our time spent and look forward to more in the future.
    Thank you, Norma for your compassion, comfort, guidance and love.
    Many blessings to you,

  188. The first word that pops to mind is ‘WOW’
    Norma is right on the money. Her energy is giving, warm, empowering and I really enjoyed my reading with her. As an ‘intuitive’ myself, I’m VERY selective about who I read with and I will continue to turn to Norma in the future.
    Again….WOW. Double Wow.

  189. Thank-you Norma for a true, insightful reading.

    Your guidance was sincere, thought provoking and honest.

    Your reflections were sent at a time when it was required. I appreciate your integrity and the manner in which the message was conveyed. Your guidance continues to inspire me.

    Thank-you again!!!

  190. I was fascinated by how accurate Norma was with regards to my emotions, current stage of my life and future desires, without me saying anything to her about myself before the reading. She has provided me with the confirmation that I so desperately needed.

  191. Norma’s ability is incredible! I’ve met with Norma twice via Skype and both sessions were amazing. Recently, she was able to articulate a vision I’ve been having on my own already (she knew about it before I told her about it!) and helped me decipher its meaning. She talks about the people in my life as if she’s known them for years – and with understanding, insight, and sincere care. She has true compassion in her work and for her clients, and a powerful gift.

  192. I recently sought guidance from Norma in a one-on-one consultation. I found Norma’s insight amazing. Norma is truly a gifted person and her connection with the spiritual world is a gift to all people on this planet. For example, she can tell you about someone merely by supplying their name.

    I recently was confronted with a life-changing decision and Norma by chance had a special offer on to ask one or two questions at a reduced rate. I emailed my question to her her and Norma used her talent to tap into the spiritual world and gave me my answer via email.

    You are a very blessed soul.

  193. Norma, thanks so much for the wonderful reading. It had a great impact on me and has given me insight on issues that I am currently dealing with. The first part of the reading was a validation, I despartely needed. Thanks again.

  194. Thank you so much Norma for the reading and for sharing your gift with me. Both times I have spent with you I have experienced as being very energizing and uplifting. Many thanks for the CD, I have been listening to it almost daily. It has given me great insight and strength during this time of mystification.

  195. I “bumped” into Norma’s website at a time in my life when I was very anxious about my future. During the readings I got alot more than I bargained for, Norma was able to not just help me put things into a clear perspective but also give me guidance about issues I thought I had long ago buried but were still there. I love her direct approach and the clarity given on every single question. My first reading was such a comforting experience that I have requested Normas help on many other issues in my life and I have never been disappointed.

  196. I have been to Norma several times and each time the accuracy and understanding of the issues I am dealing has been scarily accurate and gives me great insight on how best to deal with them.

  197. It’s hard to express the incredible gift that Norma has. It’s so deep and meaningful and has so much wisdom that i often have a hard time understanding it and it’s only through listening to it many times, over a period of time, and really thinking about it all that it starts to come together. i’ve seen several psychics throughout my life and i have never met a psychic like Norma. Her gift is truly unique. It’s not just about “what’s going on in your life, and what will happen” but truly looking at yourself/your soul to discover who you are and who you truly want to be. I’m very grateful to you Norma. I think anyone who has a reading with you is truly lucky and fortunate that you share your gifts with people in the world. It’s actually quite unbelievable. Thank you Norma.

  198. Norma, your visions or so spot on – I was totally overwhelmed and I am so grateful to you and the reading you gave me. It has change my whole perspective and has shown me how blessed I am with miracles happening. I am now expanding, living my true self and trusting my beautiful path. I feel light, energized, inspired, blessed, and honored to have met you! Thank you and see you at my first exhibition in France!
    My best wishes

  199. Thanks so much Norma for the wonderful Reading I received. I was able to look into a Past Life review in order to be able to understand where I am in the present and to understand things that are happening to me and why they are happening. Very enlightening and instrumental in giving me guidance as to what Spiritual work I am meant to be doing at this moment in time and where my lifes plan is taking me. Once again thanks and Love, light and peace to you and yours. Luv Sue

  200. I had a very enlightening reading with Norma this morning. It was a telephonic reading but Norma’s warmth and chanelled guidance came through crystal clear. I respect the fact that no questions were asked of me, answers were given as received by Norma; the first part of the reading gives you confidence that Norma’s guided information is nothing that could be created but definately from a source greater than ourselves, due to it’s accuracy and insight. I would recommend anyone who needs direction, clarity or peace of mind to contact Norma.

  201. One month on from my last reading I have listened again. A month of turmoil , fears and happiness and when I listen again , so much has come to pass and makes sense now!!!!

  202. Norma has been treating me for the last 5 years. I have broken my hip twice and she has supported me mentally, emotionally and physically. She is the most gentle, caring compassionate person and is always giving from her heart. She shares her incredible wisdom, and guides me when I am in doubt.
    She gives me counseling, exercise rehabilitation, reflexology and aromatherapy when needed, and I continue feeling the benefits from her healing hands.
    May God Bless You Norma

  203. Norma has come in to my life at a time when I am ready to accept that changes must be made. With her guidance I have taken the steps needed to move on and grow in to the woman I need to be. She is truly gifted and inspirational.
    Thank you Norma

  204. I am truly grateful for my connection with you Norma. You picked up on the black hole of guilt and regrets and have shown me a way of releasing the past and moving on with the future. I will take everything you said to heart. I have always called my child, ‘the light of my life’ and when you mentioned today that she was the light in a room full of people, I knew then that I had made the right decision in contacting you. May G-d bless you always, Maureen

  205. Norma has taken me step by step along my spiritual path with loving guidance in a way that felt so natural and empowered me to reach further than I expected.Norma is without doubt a pure conduit to the spirit world and allows you to feel independent yet guided,so as to achieve growth in the direction you are meant to go. Thank you Norma and take care