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Interview by Nelia Vivier for GET IT MAGAZINE

The incredible gift of Norma Simon

Sea Point’s Norma Simon is an intuitive counsellor who first became aware of a deeper spiritual side of life when she was only 17. She shares her inspiring story with Nelia Vivier.

Grace personified, intuitive psychic Norma Simon gives but a slight wince when I reiterate the earlier stance I took when we first spoke on the telephone, setting my boundaries: namely I won’t subject myself to a reading, I am indeed sceptical about clairvoyants, the ‘art of fortune telling’ and the extent to which psychics can assist or heal and cause harm to others in their daily living.

“Indeed,” she says with a slight smile, “then imagine yourself being a timid and traditionally brought-up young Jewish girl, who realised she had an incredible gift, a connection with God. Even before I began receiving messages as a teen, I always found that I didn’t have to talk to people but instead could feel them, those who had an energy that made me feel good and those who didn’t.
“Being a twin, I was withdrawn and seldom spoke, allowing my sister to be my voice. A very emotional child, a sickly one with deformed feet, always feeling different from others around, ultra-sensitive and not being understood, I spent a lot of time on my own, in nature, often sitting in my favourite tree and talking to God from a very young age. Then as I grew older, I could lose myself in ballet, a world into which I escaped, despite my physical challenge and enduring incredible pain, for the longest of time.”

Calling herself a light worker, a regular person no different to you or anyone else “as we are all God’s children, all light workers that only differ in how we use this light in our own particular journey”, she remembers being terrified, feeling completely bonkers, when at age 17, she began receiving messages and recognition of previous lives that came flooding in.
“I never used my gift, and each time, tried to forget what had just happened, more so when I encountered visitations of higher souls. It was only when I turned 30, that I began doing healing and body work (such as aromatherapy and reflexology) and fully tapping into the power of energy.” As she meditated more regularly, she started receiving messages while working on her clients.
Still feeling conflicted, and very rooted in her own culture and the conditioned belief that things like this were from the devil himself, she even went to her rabbi who, instead of trying to dissuade her, merely asked if she had forgotten the Old Testament and the role that the prophets played in ordinary peoples’ lives.

She stays quiet for a minute, gathering her thoughts before continuing, “But it took me a long while before I accepted this huge responsibility. In fact I’m still overwhelmed and many times stunned by my vocation in life, but also now realise how incredibly blessed I am with this divine gift.

“Being a psychic conduit is truly not a job, it’s a passion, which I love with all my heart. It still overwhelms me to this day, leaving me in awe every time I do my work. What does carry me through is that I now know, in fact have always known it comes from a place of truth and light coming from God, irrespective of the different names that people use. I’ve come full circle to realise that this is what I’m supposed to do, albeit with compassion and gentleness.

“The very moment it all came together for me was one day when I went into a very strange chanting process and afterwards realised that my body was being tuned to a certain vibrational level. After this event, whenever I do readings I realised that I didn’t just hear, but saw in pictures as the words came through, so it is truly visions and not mere words.

“There is no more fear, but every day I sit in prayer and meditate and connect with my spiritual team, asking to receive the correct wisdom, guidance, healing, support and assistance throughout. As an intuitive, you do have to be careful and protect yourself, but in all honesty, I have only ever encountered two clients in my life with whom I felt the need to end a session. I don’t believe in evil, the bogeyman, but that we do have choices in life, decisions that we make ourselves.”
It seems uncanny that for her one-on-one readings, for which she is renowned all over the globe, Norma merely needs your first name. According to her, it does not matter where you live in the world, as she is able to pick up on a person’s energy whether it is done in person or via using Skype, email or a phone.

“How do you do it?”  is the one question always asked by her clients. “It’s always the same. I prepare by sitting in meditation for 15 – 20 minutes, clearing my energy and connecting with the highest source and my spiritual team. I only want the person’s first name and then as I go into the quiet space and connect, the visions appear and the words come through.” After the main messages come through, a client can ask any question, about anything, be it relating to relationships, work, self-development or one’s life.

“What you have to realise is that I am but an instrument, to such an extent that afterwards I do not recall what I said to a client. I am not aware of what it is that I’m saying, have no control and, in fact, have no idea of the messages that I’m conveying, so I record each session, as many individuals work with the recorded reading for a long time thereafter.

“The one thing I do ask is that no information be given to me, as I want to paint the canvas with the information that is being channelled through me. For example, a client says, ‘Tell me about Jim’. Then I feel his energy and his personality come through. I experience his physical and emotional pain. There are times when the tears literally pour down my cheeks or I can feel a choking sensation if that is what someone asked about was ‘showing’. This is all relayed to the person.

“For me, each reading is a miracle, as so much information is passed on that is needed at that particular moment in time. As so often happens, my clients say, “You’ve got inside my head. How did you know exactly what I’m feeling?”
Are there false prophets or charlatans out there looking to make a quick buck? “As with every other profession, it is important for clients to take responsibility for their own problems and the options they choose. The best answer perhaps is in the same way one evaluates the diagnosis or advice from a doctor, you need to use your own logic and inner voice”.

She also cautions that sometimes a client will call frantically to say “I don’t understand the meaning, or it’s not making sense.” This is normal, as one needs time to listen and to hear what is given symbolically and not take it literally. The greatest understanding comes about as they use the recording often, over a period, to release old cycles, destructive thought patterns, and to assist in ongoing healing processes.

“As clairvoyant, healer, medium and psychic, most challenging for me is using my gift correctly, to reach as many people as possible, but I am also a human being to try being a better mother. In my own life, I am as flawed, as much a daily survivor as anybody else. However, as I said before, it’s not who I am, but what I do that is important. In that role, overcoming my own ego, doing my life’s vocation, I am a true and steadfast spiritual warrior.”

As for me…
Interview done, I did feel comfortable enough for a reading, only giving Norma first names of close kin and no more. In short, it was a profound experience, her vision of each person incredibly accurate, in some cases, shockingly so, in the finest of detail, to the extent that she picked up that someone had passed over. More importantly, for me, she identified unique issues with each one, reaffirming decisions and actions I’ve taken, viewed as contentious or wrong at the time. While I consciously made a decision to steer away from myself, she identified chronic health problems, pinpointing the exact areas in my body. Trying my utmost not to give any cues whatsoever, her reading at times was so reassuring that I had tears streaming down my cheeks. There was little scepticism left in the end, trust in Norma as conduit, a clear layout of all the puzzle pieces milling and strewn about in my subconscious, some for years, a clear and practical assessment of some issues of the past and practical day-to-day stuff.