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Contact Details and Prices

Contact Details & Prices

South Africa

15 min is R150 on SPECIAL

30 minutes is R330
45 minutes is R460
1 hour is R580

Standardized Rates for all International Clients

15 Minute Special: $25 USD

30 Minutes: $50 USD

45 Minutes: $75 USD

60 Minutes $100 USD

Payment terms

To pay within South Africa please EFT into my bank Account or use the ATM and send proof of payment.

For all International clients ,please email me with regards to payment instructions.

Please contact me via whatsapp, phone,sms or e mail to book an appointment.

Mobile: 072 298 5576  and outside of South Africa: +27 722 985 576

Cape Town Landline: 021 434 7698


Skype: Norma.Simon Cape Town

PLEASE email me or use the form below wherever you are in the world and I will respond to your query.