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About me

When I was growing up I found that I didn’t have to talk to people but felt them energetically, and knew who had an energy that made me feel good and who didn’t. I constantly felt different and spent a lot of my childhood crying, always feeling that I was not understood, and being ultra sensitive. I lost myself in the world of ballet and escaped.

At 17 I began receiving messages, but  I never used my gift and tried to forget what was happening, but did encounter visitations of Higher Souls.

At 30 I began doing healing and bodywork on clients and experienced the power of energy. As I meditated more regularly, I started receiving messages whilst working on my clients. Initially saying nothing, as I didn’t trust myself enough. When I gave the messages to my clients thereafter, they were astounded.

I did many more courses in bodywork. I then worked with clay and presented workshops using clay as a medium for interpretation. The results were very powerful as whatever was in the unconscious mind was presented in the clay. I studied counseling , finding more and more that my clients needed the support after experiencing a reading, which brought many deep issues to the surface, and created a heightened awareness.

Everyday I sit in prayer and meditate and connect with my Spiritual Team. I am blessed and do not take these gifts for granted, but do know that this is a Divine gift that I have been given, and with it enormous responsibility.