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The shores yonder, so sweet, inviting, for now the time has come

To step ashore and let the flow push and guide me in its hold,

Gently moving to this new unknown, unexplored territory.

As I sit alone, angry, feeling despondent, and sad,

This angel, sent in this way, unprepared, yet knowing,

Wrenching my heart and gently, so softly, soothing, and exploring me,

The unknown, for even to myself the experience anew, afresh, a wonder,

It’s as though the stars from heaven allowed to be a light, shining from above,

Sending signals of confirmation, of this destiny that came unexpectedly,

Hitting me as though my breathe was sucked out and a new life explored

The joy, the excitement, I feel the fountain of youth once more,

Never before this heat, this beating heart, that felt the depth of understanding,

and exploration, serenity, peace as yet unknown, but now arrived,

So grateful I am for this that came through the door of Destiny,

Sleep no more, I have awoken, to life, to living, exploring and being,

Gifts so many from heaven this angel sent, deep compassion, sensitive

By nature and with it the connection, locked forever, rekindled, known

Through time and ages past, to the present and beyond.

With gratitude for this that woke me from my slumber,

I sleep no more, but travel to this destiny with lightness of foot and surety

A strength that surpassed the fear of confronting the past, releasing,

Letting go finally, hanging on no more, for too long time wasted,

Waiting for what, who, and why,

And now my wings are fixed securely, and with this new confidence,

I am ready to love with a passion and depth that is nectar to my soul.

Doubts there were many, but they are now left behind, to stew in the past,

Releasing, letting go as I travel this new path of destiny.

My soul burns bright for I’ve finally found that, that ignites and

Brings the beat and rhythm of music to my ears.

Empty no more, sad, alone, a thing of the past, for Destiny has intervened and spoken.

I now walk tall, ready to take on this that has found its way,

To gently open my heart in a way that speaks volumes of sound, light,

And sensations, bedazzling, and exploring this greatness, that keeps me from

Sinking into the abyss of darkness so nearly caught and never returned.

But stop, wait, the past a distant memory that changes my Destiny to

Freedom, to be who I am, an invited guest on this journey.

With gratitude and greatness my heart overflows with thanks, and suddenly

I float and find myself in this contained channel of warmth and security

That gives me joy, laughter and abundance to be free to love and seek

This that has eluded me for so long, now within reach, grasping and

Holding by my fingertips I hold tightly, never letting go, for I’ve

Found heaven in its greatest glory.

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