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Where is this word found, for now, it seems hiding

But, is it not even a possibility, if I dream for just a moment

As the leaves begin to fall and change from green to brown and orange my sense of optimism and hope begin to change too,

For now my being begins to feel the transitory place that I am in, between to worlds, two lives, wanting to move forward and beyond

Yet this wait seems to be endless, not finding the steps secure just yet to leap and fly to a place where my heart desires, for it seems

Only now to be a dream, but wait, caution for now if I just allow

This stifling, agitation to unfold into colours of indigo and violet, burning through the layers of struggle and difficulty, the changes

Begin to happen and signal to me the seasonal transformation,

As I too, allow this to take place, etching and burning a new

Force and dimension of inner beauty, alive now, with fire and

Thunder I feel this explosive energy transforming into a river

Of yellows, burnt orange and browns ready to fire and ignite

Me and allow this river to transport me to a place that melts my heart

And soul into a transformative alchemy, binding me to the light

That never dies, but continuously supports me, striving to bring

My impatience and energy to a point of mellowness, softly supporting

Me as I gently bathe in this light of peace, calmness and energy

So it is that I know the transformation that is, is part of the

Journey, reluctantly I move forward knowing that this journey

Of alchemy and proliferation is for now the path I walk

Regardless of what is, and unbeknown to me the colours for now

Begin to mix and change into a pattern and movement that speaks

As my voice, slowly, stepping away from this that has been my support.

Time allows this to be revealed, needing not I, or anyone to

Move the pace or direction, but watching the patterns begin

To unfold along the edges now, delightful, playful I begin

To see the outlines taking shape, excitement building I know

The time is close, to just wait patiently, for a while longer

For all to be revealed as this force greater and more powerful

Than any other is not rushed or pressured to reveal to me

The beauty and moments that are to be.

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